The more you buy the more you SAVE!

We will pull your random Prize Pong Ball(s).

Different Colors Represent different prizes

Teal= Random Jewelry

Green= Random Beauty item(s) or Pearl Glow Gift Cards

Yellow= Conscious Ink Tattoos 

Pink= Random Apparel or Bae Ltd. Gift Cards

Blue= 1 Ticket 

*Keep the products from your balls, or put them in the Broken Bucket Baffle, the choice is yours!

Red=wheel spin with a chance to win more tickets!!

**Prize tickets can be redeemed for your choice of prizes that will be displayed live or via photo post on the Facebook page. You are expected to have multiple prize choices picked out prior to your turn, just in case your first pick is gone.

BLUE BALL PRIZE TICKETS CAN BE SAVED FOR A TOTAL OF 3 PARTIES & THEN REDEEMED ONCE ALL ADDED...like redeeming tickets at an arcade. If your 3rd party crosses over shipping dispatch we will ship all other items and the remainder of your ball prizes will ship separately. If you opt to save your Blue Ball Tickets and have not given us your prize ticket choices before the 2nd package dispatch comes around we will ship random mystery prizes equal to your ticket value, after attempting to reach out to you with no answer. We will reach out via Facebook Messenger.


*** Products may be removed from original packaging to reduce shipping cost.

 All prizes are mystery products. Purchasing this is no different than purchasing a mystery box. Though you do have some options to choose from, no specific product is guaranteed at the time you checkout.